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Intrepid souls who want to try Sensecast out on their own are invited to download the pre-Beta Sensecast Lite. It includes everything we use to create interactive displays using Microsoft's Kinect™ and Kinect-like sensors, like the ASUS Wavi Xtion Pro. Currently, it's available for Mac OSX only.

This distribution of Sensecast is offered with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER! Just sayin'. You will be required to agree to these terms to install it.

Also, please bear in mind that you're downloading experimental, pre-Beta software whose development has been fueled by coffee and ramen noodles, not VC. Your kind, constructive feedback is very much appreciated!


The Sensecast Lite installer for Mac OSX includes some demo data, and it puts the Sensecast player application itself in your Applications folder. There's a version that includes compiled binaries of the libraries Sensecast depends on, including OpenNI, NITE, and Sensor. It has been tested on OSX 10.6 and 10.7.


Sensecast.Installer.v.0.02.dmg (9.5 MB) — App only! You must be have compatible versions of OpenNI, NITE, libusb and the drivers for your sensor already installed.

Sensecast.and.Libs.Installer.v.0.02.dmg (143.0 MB) — Includes the app and the following:


Download the Sensecast disk image file (.DMG) and double-click to mount if it does not mount automatically. Double-click the installer to get underway.

Follow the instructions of the install process. It will ask you where you want to store Sensecast’s data. This is where the program will look for settings and assets. By default, it creates a Sensecast folder in your Documents folder.

Note: You should probably reject the Advanced Option to run Sensecast on startup (which is intended for deployed Sensecast installations).

Also, you will need to select the ONE sensor you want to setup. You can't support both a Kinect and an ASUS Wavi Xtion at the same time.

Congratulations! You're all set up. Find SensecastLite in your Applications folder, and double-click to launch it.